[Video] Great God By Dami Paul Ft. Holyhill Worship

 Great God - Dami Paul

Dami Paul, a dedicated and happily married Christian with a profound love for God and His word, has crafted a captivating musical masterpiece titled "Great God."

This awe-inspiring song, which has quickly become a blessing to many, draws its inspiration from Dami Paul's unique journey through the Old Testament during Holyhill Church's annual 'the journey' challenge.

In a remarkable four-week journey filled with the profound wisdom of the Old Testament, Dami Paul's musical talent was ignited. He delved into the scriptures, studying and dissecting the Bible with unwavering devotion.

As he progressed through the sacred texts, he found himself captivated by Psalm 19 (TPT), and it was here that the seeds of "Great God" were sown.

The lyrics of "Great God" overflow with a deep sense of reverence and praise for the Almighty. The song is a beautiful testament to Dami Paul's faith and his enduring love for God. It is a musical journey that seeks to inspire and uplift the spirits of all who listen.

Dami Paul's service at the Holyhill Church is evident in his role as the Music Director, where he is constantly nourished, mentored, and spiritually nurtured. The church serves as a wellspring of inspiration for his music, and "Great God" is a testimony to the profound impact of faith and excellence on his creativity.

With a heart full of gratitude and a voice brimming with passion, Dami Paul invites listeners to join him on this spiritual journey through "Great God." The song serves as a pure and shining ode to the divine, a testament to the faith that sustains us, and a hymn of praise to our Great God.

"Great God" is set to touch the hearts of believers and music enthusiasts alike.

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Lyrics: Great God By Dami Paul

Without A Sound
Without A Word
Without A Voice Being Heard
We Still Hear The Echo Of Your Greatness

Creation Sings
All Angels Adore You Lord
And We Join In Harmony
Singing The Greatness Of Your Power

Great God
You Are The Most High King
Heaven And Earth Proclaim Your Greatness
Our God!
Awesome In All Your Ways
Day After Day Show Forth Your Wisdom
Great God

Nature Sings
Oceans Roar
Creations Shout Your Glory Lord.
We Will Proclaim, Forever Your Greatness

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