Seeds Of Destiny Devotional - Praise – A Key To Arresting Untimely Death


Seeds Of Destiny Devotional

Dunamis Seeds Of Destiny 24 April 2023 Devotional By Dr. Paul Enenche: Praise – A Key To Arresting Untimely Death

TOPIC: Praise – A Key To Arresting Untimely Death (Seeds Of Destiny 24 April 2023)

SCRIPTURE: Let my soul live, and it shall praise thee; and let thy judgments help me. Psalm 119:175

THOUGHT FOR THE DAY: Anytime death threatens your life, engage the weapon of praise to deal with it.


The essence of our existence is to worship God. A major reason God allows our soul to live is so we can praise Him.

Our protection and preservation are anchored on our praise and worship to God. If you stop praising God, you are asking Him to stop protecting you.

You need to come to a point like the Psalmist who said, “O Lord, if You will give me life, I will give you praise. It is a deal. Let my soul live and it shall praise Thee.”(Psalm 119:175, Paraphrased).

Hezekiah received a prophecy from the Prophet Isaiah that he should set his house in order and get ready to die. The Scripture says Hezekiah lifted up his eyes and said, “Oh God, the grave cannot praise You. Only the living will praise You. Why are my days being cut off?” (Isaiah 38:18-22).

Then God told Isaiah, “Turn back and tell Hezekiah that fifteen more years are added to his life on earth; he just told me now that if he is kept alive, he would praise Me.”

God preserved Hezekiah because Hezekiah said that if his soul should live, it would praise God.

Beloved, praise is a key to longevity. Anytime death threatens your life, engage the weapon of praise to deal with it. Anytime you dream of seeing yourself dead, cancel it with praise to Jehovah. If you will praise God, He will let your soul live.

When you consistently engage in praise, you will come to a point where you can only hear of what is killing others but it can never come near you. Praise guarantees your safety and preservation on earth.

Remember this: Anytime death threatens your life, engage the weapon of praise to deal with it.


  1. Anytime death threatens your life, use the weapon of praise to deal with it.
  2. Praise God unconditionally and consistently.

PRAYER: Thank You Lord for showing me the key of praise. I receive the grace to praise You so I can justify my living Lord, in Jesus’ Name.


QUOTE: Tell the devil he is not in control of your life. God is in control of your life. Put upbeat praise music and begin to celebrate and jubilate to the glory of God. When you begin to do that, your joy will come back. Culled from “21 FOOLISH THINGS PEOPLE DO” by Dr Paul Enenche.

DAILY READING: Esther 8-10

AMAZING FACT: The largest elephant was an African elephant; it weighed around 24,000 pounds and was 13 feet tall.

PROPHETIC DECLARATION/WORD: Every force seeking to cut your life short is cut short now in Jesus’ Name.

Today’s devotional was written by Pastor Paul Enenche of the Dunamis International Gospel Centre (DIGC), headquartered at Abuja, Nigeria, with Pastor Paul and Becky Enenche, as the Senior Pastors. It is a power-packed arena where God’s Presence, Principles and Power are at work for the salvation, healing and restoration of human destinies and dignities.

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