[Album] Timeless God By E-4orce

 Timeless God - E-4orce

A sophisticated heavenly bound songs writer and gospel music artist Ifeanyi Ebenezer Egwuekwe (E-4ORCE) has dropped his 12Tracks debut Album "Timeless God." We serve a Timeless God who does great and marvelous things.

You are so Glorious opened the door with a soulful revolution of worshipping God in truth and spirit. This will definitely draw down the glory and presence of God upon the listeners cum singers. Your Faithfulness is ever sure will draw you closer to God as you listen and sing it connecting your soul to it.

More than a conqueror unveiled the potentials of a true child of God and places you in heavenly places far above all principalities and powers.

OKU N'ERERE (Igbo) expresses how God a consuming fire is set to supernaturally intervene in your situation and free you from all entanglement of the devil.

Timeless God exposes the extraordinary power of God to operate in a speed of light to make all impossible situations possible for you because he has no time as we do. Timeless God Tells you that God can break protocols of our system in order to set you free from all captivities of the enemy.

My Faith is strong in you highlights the unquantifiable power of your faith to quench all fiery darts of the wicked. I have a bright future that opens you up to the unlimited future that awaits every true child of God. Your path is like a shining light that shines brighter and brighter. That's who you are in Christ.

Everlasting Dominion is your right in Christ Jesus. Because Christ Dominates all, you are redeemed to dominate in all spheres of life.


Turn Around Agent lets you know that you have a turn around Father Lord, Turn Around Jesus Christ and turn Around Holy Ghost who dwells in you, Consequently, you are bound to win all battles.

The Voice of God is more powerful than the voice of many seas and as such, you need God's voice daily to overcome because it was his powerful voice he used to create the entire world.

Merciful God will show you mercy if you ask for mercy. His mercy endures forever and always new every morning. You need mercy and favor not labor to succeed in life.

Imela Imela (Igbo) draws the curtain of the Album with a powerful magnetic field to keep you crying over and over again as a result of been overwhelmed by the Presence, glory and power of God embedded in the Album.

Finally it might interest you to get the first single HE IS MY HELPER to rap up the blessings and obtain the requisite Help of the Almighty God to Reign and Rule your world.



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