TREM Devotional - Walk In The Power Of The Spirit

 Dr. Mike Okonkwo TREM

TREM Devotional 8 October 2021 Daily Devotional By Bishop Mike Okonkwo – Walk In The Power Of The Spirit

Topic:  Walk In The Power Of The Spirit

“This I say then, Walk in the Spirit, and ye shall not fulfil the lust of the flesh.” Galatians 5:16 KJV

In order to function and be effective in the days we live in, it is a must for you not to live your life as a mere man. If you do, you will be setting yourself up for destruction. With the myriad of satanic forces in our world today, you have no other option than to operate in the power of the Spirit. It is not enough to talk about the power of the Spirit; you must get to the point of experience.

The Spirit realm should be the natural habitat for the believer. It should not be something that we struggle with; just the same way a fish does not struggle to swim. Similarly, there are things that a child of God is not meant to struggle about. God does not tell us to do something that He has not equipped us to do. We should be able to flow in the Spirit. It should be our natural flow without struggle.

The world we live in today is inundated with demonic forces manifesting themselves in different areas of life. What used to be sacred and a no-go area has become a common thing in these times. Same sex marriage and institutions demanding that preachers conduct same sex weddings have become the order of the day. Occultistic manifestations are now in the open. How do you explain it? A man was sharing with me during a time of fellowship. He said can I imagine that ‘a preacher’ ministering on television was caught saying: “I will curse you in the name of this river. I will invoke the gods of our land on you.” Yet, this man carries the Bible and has followers.

The only way to stay victorious and be in charge at all times is to be in the Spirit. Make a decision to walk in the power of the Holy Spirit at all times and you will see yourself operating in the realm of the supernatural.

Further Reading: Zechariah 4:1-7, Galatians 5:16-26

Daily Bible Reading:

Morning- Isaiah 30-31;

Evening- Philippians 4

Written by Dr. Mike Okonkwo; Is the Presiding Bishop of The Redeemed Evangelical Mission (TREM); a versatile man of God with over 30 years of dedicated service unto the Lord.

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