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Evang See is a blind upcoming Nigerian gospel minister based in Abuja. He is a very talented vocalist with a rich and powerful voice that resonates deeply with everyone who hears him. He is set to release his first single Doshima on the 1st of September 2018.

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About Evang See


EvangSee was born Isaac Atama on Tuesday, 16th Dec 1986. Idoma by tribe, from Benue state, he brings a strong cultural flavor to his music. EvangSee he was born sighted. He lost his sight in 1998 in an accident involving a motorcycle. He and his family were able to release the motorcycle rider in forgiveness despite the severity of the accident.

EvangSee had his primary education in School for the Blond, Gindiri, Plateau State. He proceeded for his secondary school education at GSS Kwali. He took special classes in School for the Blind, Jabi Abuja and ran a music course at All Nationwide Music School Sabon Gari Kano.


Evangsee started music in 2001 as a secular artiste in the hip- hop genre. His motivation to go into music was his dad who gave him the required push and motivation to express himself.

He however surrendered his life to Christ in 2005 upon meeting Late Reverend Father John Adehi. Reverend Adehi took him as a son and preached Christ to him. He didn’t try to force Christ on him but gently led him to Christ.

The Reverend made him understand that he can do better in Gospel. He told him that Christ loves him and explained to him the need to worship God especially in his condition. He started walking with God but backslid for a while before returning back to Christ and started gospel music fully in 2010.

Evang See is set to release his first single titled DOSHIMA. His inspiration for the song is a Tiv Lady he used to nuy food from. He always heard her speaking Tiv and was moved by the Holy Spirit to write a song in Tiv. He asked her what God is Beautiful means in Tiv and Doshima was birthed.

The song ‘Doshima’ resonates with Evangsee because God’s beauty cannot be perceived by sight but by mind. The world rejects people like him, but God accepts him with open arms. This makes God beautiful to him.

Evang See wants to use his music to motivate sighted youths out there who are reluctant to use their talent for God. Through his music he asks them: ‘what are you waiting for? What excuse do you have?’ He also wants to use his song to correct so many wrongs in the church. His music would be particularly targeted at false prophets; who claim to work for God to desist from their wicked ways.

Evang See wants folks out there to understand that gospel songs are not like secular songs. They are inspired by the Spirit of God. He wants youths out there to encourage gospel singers, to make them role model like the secular artistes.


Evangsee is signed with Boogie Down Concepts. He met Samsong (a song minister and writer) in a program in CKC Berger Camp, Kubwa. They exchanged contact and Evang See came to studio to record his first single DOSHIMA. Samsong took an interest in the song and signed him with the Boogie Down record label.

Working with Samsong has been an amazing experience for Evangsee. Samsong has helped him build his vocals and improve his songwriting. Samsong has been like a father to him and meeting him has been a turnaround for EvangSee.

The Team Leader, Project Leverage for the Blind, Praise Eniola Ogabi has also been instrumental to EvangSee’s career. She is an advocate for the Blind and doubles as Evangsee’s PR.

Evang See projects that in five years, he’ll be all over the world representing Christ. He wants to win as many souls as possible with his song and voice.

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