You Will Secure God’s Pleasure ~ Pastor Paul & Faith Joshua | 25/2/15

Date: Wed 25th Feb; 2015 

Our Text: Matt 3:17 

“And suddenly a voice came from heaven saying; this is my beloved son, in whom I am well pleased.”

Our Focus: You Will Secure God’s Pleasure

I pray for you today, you will secure God’s pleasure. The lord will be pleased with you. I personally discover, I loved some people without reservation. These are people that my soul is greatly delighted in while there are others I do not really value much. Why is this so? There are certain reasons for that.
God take much delight in Christ and declared this is my beloved son, in whom I am well pleased. Christ was very obedient to his father, he adhere strictly to THE WILL OF HIS FATHER. He said often “I can of mine own do nothing, as I hear so I speak.” You see that Christ follows His father’s instruction strictly; no wonder the father loves Him so much.

You will agree with me, that every one of us will exceptionally love any child that obeys us strictly, isn’t it? A child who constantly disobey and treat you rudely can never be your beloved son true or false?

It is a law; whoever disobeys, disregard or is dishonest to you cannot be your beloved.  Look, even the devil will not value any of these demons that disrespect or disobey him. This is a universal law to secure your fathers pleasure; you must be obedient to His instructions.

If you are rude at work you will find it difficult to get your boss favour. If you’re always at disobedient end you will suffer displeasure. Many people wonder why they are not love as others, the truth is, the level of your obedience will determine the degree at which you will be loved! When I see people who obey my instructions strictly, I entrust them with my pleasure. I delight greatly in them; I can do anything for them because they have my pleasure.

What is the lesson today, if you want to obtain God’s pleasure, you need to obey His instructions to you every time. Do what God ask you to do, don’t delay or divert elsewhere and you will find His favour. As you obey Him always, He will declare you among His beloved sons with whom He is well pleased!

Those who are more obedient are on the top list of God’s pleasure

Prayer: Father, help me to obey You always so I can be among Your beloved sons in whom You are well pleased. I will not fail you Lord as you love me!

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