You Will Have Divine Dream ~ Pastor Paul & Faith Joshua | 2/2/15

Date: Mon 2nd Feb; 2015 

Our Text: Matt 2:13

“Now when they had departed, behold an angel of the lord appeared to Joseph in a dream saying, arise take the young child and his mother flee to Egypt and stay there until I bring you word; for Herod will seek the young child to destroy him.”

Our Focus: You Will Have Divine Dream

Divine dream has a message of sensitivity, deliverance and victory. When you have a dream where you are been sensitized about someone, it could be divine dream. When you see how you escape a tragedy in a dream, then it’s a divine dream.

Dreams that comes from God to his children brings deliverance and favour. When a dream projects tragedy don’t take it for granted, fire prayer against it in the spirit.Divine dreams bring comfort, hope and positive projections to Zionite.  Arise and escape from Herod(dream of deliverance).We all need such dream especially when we are in the midst of wicked people unknown to us.

I decree, my God will continue to give you divine dreams that will bring joy, peace and hope to your soul. You will not run to trouble.Any trouble design for you in the secret shall be exposed through divine Dreams. You will not be taken on aware in Jesus name!

Divine Dreams are dreams that show you ways out of trouble and bring joy to your soul.

Prayer: Father, reveal to me in my dreams whatever I need to do to escape tragedies mounted by the wicked. Show your plans and favour for my life.

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