You Will Bear Good Fruits ~ Pastor Paul & Faith Joshua | 18/2/15

Date: Wed 18th Feb; 2015 

Our Text: Matt 3:8

“Therefore bear fruits worthy of repentance.”

Our Focus: You Will Bear Good Fruits

A woman said to me some time ago, Pastor I regret having my four children, it is better I don’t have children than having those useless children!  All my four children are drug addicts and wayward. They are eyesore to her. They made her life miserable (trouble on every side). She said, I don’t mind losing them all to death because they are good for nothing! Can you hear that? Why, they are bad fruits.

Bad fruits are worse than fruitlessness, that is what the reaction of the woman meant. Do you know it is better to be fruitless than to bear bad fruits to the society? Bad fruits can cause havoc in the society. Bad fruits can ruin a nation. What kind of fruit do you want to bear for the society?
Jesus said,it is better a stumbling block is not born than for him to cause trouble for the society (paraphrased). Producing bad fruits is potential waste. It is better not to produce than to experience waste.

This is a challenge to us all to make sure we produced good fruits (if you like good children) for the society. Raise your children well so the society can be happy to have them.

Similarly, let’s exhibit good character that will help our society better. The way you behave have influence on someone or group of people. If you live a good life you invariably influence the people around you to be good.Every good thing you do has effect on someone. Your little smile can produce a happy world for someone. So it is other way round.

It is my prayer today, that you will be a good person who does good things that will in turn produce good society.The better your character the better the people you will produce. Be determined to produced good fruits for God to be happy with you! You need to ask yourself daily,“does the way I live make people better or worse for God?” If your responded is positive,then you are bearing good fruits! You will bear good fruits in Jesus name!

Those who make people better bear good fruits while those who make them worse bear bad fruits.

Prayer: Father, let my life command goodness so I can produce good fruit for you. Let those who watch me learn how to be good in life so I can be a good role model.

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