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Topic: Our Dressing Speaks 

“In like manner also, that women adorn themselves in modest apparel…” -1 Timothy 2:9-

God is a fashionable God and He is interested in what we wear because our dressing matters to Him. He wants us to represent Him on earth, even in our dressing. We understand from scriptures that He is clothed in splendour, glory, and majesty. This is why everything around Him speaks royalty and He has made us just like Him.

God first designed cloths for Adam and Eve when they discovered that they were naked. They tried to design something for themselves but it was not good enough, so He designed one that was durable and that covered them appropriately.

From the Bible we realize that God designed a cloth known today as a tunic for Adam and Eve. A tunic, according to Bible dictionary, is a piece of clothing that fits loosely over a person’s body that reaches the knees. It starts from the neck region and is worn by men and women although the designs may vary.

Therefore when we dress, the points below should be considered:

1. Choose what fits you properly over what may or may not be in “vogue”. This is because what is in vogue may not be in accordance with God’s standard of dressing.

2. Choose what you feel comfortable in.

3. Don’t dress on the basis of a crave for a sense of belonging, but on a crave for a sense of showmanship- of God.

4. Wear what covers the sensitive parts of your body
• Your body belongs to God and it is not meant to be exposed or advertised for selfish reasons. 1 Corinthians 3:16.

5. Wear things that you can afford
• Remember, it is not how expensive it is but how comfortable you are in it.

6. Wear what pleases God, first and foremost.
• Remember, you are an Ambassador of Heaven; and as such, you represent the nation of Heaven. 2 Corinthians 5:20.

Never forget that you are royalty, and because you have been redeemed as kings and priest to reign on the earth, your dressing must depict your status.

Remain Blessed!

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