How To Overcome Your Dejection ~ Pastor Paul & Faith Joshua | 26/2/15

Date: Thurs 26th Feb; 2015 

Our Text: Matt 5:11

“Blessed are you when they revile and persecute you and say all kinds of evil against you falsely…”

Our Focus: How To Overcome Your Dejection 

Nice one! There is a blessing in every circumstances of life. Hear this, when some people show you they don’t like you, you can still be happy. When you are insulted by some folks, guy you can still forge ahead.

Let me tell you the truth, you can never be the fan of everybody. As some people love you, there will definitely be others that will hate you. No matter how good you think you are, you will have admirers and the same time haters! Never anticipate a day when the whole world will love you, that day will never come.

I went to a supermarket one day. I picked a product and later drop it because I didn’t like it. Do you know what immediately I drop it another person desperately picked it and said; “Wow! I have been looking for this for quite a long time!” I was shocked to hear that what I did not like someone cherished it so much.  I got a lesson from there, if someone doesn’t like me another person does. I think this is one of the powerful keys to deal with dejection. If somebody doesn’t likes you another person does

Those that don’t need you they are not relevant to your life. You become relevant to those that need you and those are the ones that will appreciate. You need not to be disturbed okay! If some people say you are not good for them, you are good for another set, so cheer up!

Don’t let anyone spoil your day, if anyone tells you I don’t like, you tell them; thank you very much, I am not meant for you. Watch closely another person will soon show up to sing your accolade and tell you how much he or she loves you. Rejection is not the end of your life, if you are rejected here, you will be accepted in another place. So celebrate yourself, I see God using rejection to take you to your right place of election. Give him praise this morning!

You can never be a fan of everybody; while some love you others may not. Be happy you are not rejected by God even if men do.

Prayer: Thank you father for encouraging me, I know You love me even if others reject me.

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