God Will Turned You Away From The Region Of Death ~ Pastor Paul & Faith Joshua | 9/2/15

Date: Mon 9th Feb; 2015 

Our Text: Matt 2:22b

“And being warned by God in a dream he turned aside into the region of Galilee.”

Our Focus: God Will Turned You Away From The Region Of Death

A friend shared with me how a missionary escaped a plane crashed. While on his way to the airport, he diverted somewhere to get certain things. When he arrived atthe airport he was already late so he missed the flight.30minutes later he got the information that the aircraft he missed crashed! No survivor, all the 150 passengers on board died.

It was then it dawn on him, God diverted him when coming to the airport to save him from death region. He was so privileged to experienced divine diversion from death zone. He would have crashed and die along with others in a horrific way but God saved him. 

I decree today as you go, God will turn you away from the region of death. You will not meet untimely death. My God will use any circumstance to divert you from death lane in Jesus name. You will escape untimely death!

God can use unappealing situation to save you from disaster that can cause you untimely death 

Prayer: Father,use anything to divert my life from tragedy lane. Help me escaped any disasters on my way as I go today, no evil will befall me and my household. I lean on your protection!

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