Building Your Treasures In Heaven ~ Pastor Paul & Faith Joshua | 28/2/15

Date: Sat 28th Feb; 2015

Our Text: Matt 6:19-20

“Do not lay up for yourselves treasures on earth, where moth and rust destroy and where thieves break in and steal. But lay up for yourselves treasures in heaven where neither moth nor rust destroy and where thieves do not break in and steal.”

Our Focus: Building Your Treasures In Heaven

Every action you take in life is either building a treasure on earth or treasure in heaven for you. When you buy good things for yourself, nice house, nice car, good clothes, nice shoe and other assorted, you are building treasure for yourself on earth. This is good, but remember it is not enough. When you die, those treasures will not go with you to heaven. Someone will take over the house, the car and all your belongings. Your body will be committed to the earth (buried in the casket). Sometimes people who do not know how you labour to acquire these assets takes over your belongings.  You no longer have control over that asset after your death!

That is, it is important to lay up treasures in heaven, so that when you die something awaits you in heaven. How can you build treasure for yourself in heaven? When you give towards the work of God in heaven.  Your special seed to God’s house, your seed to missionary work, your seed to help the needy around you in God’s house. The help you offer with all your heart to genuine man of God.

All these are ways of building treasure for yourself in heaven. Naturally its looks as though you lose when you give, because the natural man prefer to spend on himself than give others. It is good to spend on ourselves, but what you give to God’s work and His people is credited to your account in heaven.

This may sound stupid but a day will come when you will discover is reality. It is important, give even as you take care of yourself on earth. Remember to sow, give and help the work of God, so you can have something in heaven.  Use your strength, money and time not only on yourself, use it for God. So this will go to your heavenly treasures. The day you will die these will be waiting for you. Whatever we gather for ourselves on this earth ends with this earth. It is only the things we give to God’s works and his people that goes beyond this world. Please always remember to build treasures for yourself in heaven. You will surely leave this world one day, it may be soon or later. What will you meet in eternity? Are you rich towards God at all? What is in your heavenly account? Think and start doing something today before it’s too late. I pray you will not only build treasure for yourself on earth but also in heaven.

Whatever you amass for yourself ends with this world but whatever you give to others cheerfully awaited you in eternity. Give towards the things of God and build treasures for yourself in heaven.

Prayer: Father, I thank you for reminding me not to lay treasures for myself on earth only but to invest towards your kingdom course so I can build a treasure for myself in heaven. I receive grace not to be selfish so when I leave this world I can have treasure in heaven!

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