You Shall Not Divorce ~ Pastor Paul & Faith Joshua | 21/1/15

Date: Wednesday January 21, 2015

Our Text: Mal 2:16

The Lord God of Israel says that he hate divorce.For it covers one’s garment with violencesays the Lord of host. Therefore take heed to your spirit that you do not deal treacherously”.

Our Focus: You Shall Not Divorce

Lift up your right hand to heaven and say after me “In the name of Jesus, every force working to crash my marriage this year, you shall be scattered. You shall never succeed to break my home.No power on earth will be able to break my marriage.As long as heaven remains, my marriage will remain. Thank you Lord for you shall stand by my home.” 

This is a great prayer for compels today. The devil has plan to break many home this year, your will not be inclusive in this evil plan. Let all couples pray passionately this morning against the virus of divorce that will sweep homes this year.

The rate of divorce this year will be alarming.Many will lose their homes to trivial issues. The devil has sent his demons to cause violence in homes that will result to breakage of matrimonies. He has planned misunderstandings in various ways.

He has planned infidelity, lies, pride and other vices to scatter homes.I want every one reading this piece today to pray the points below with passion .The devil will not succeed in breaking your homes this year. May you not experience the honour of divorce go ahead and pray!

5 Prayer Points For The Day

1. Every plan to cause separation in my marriage, I burn such satanic documented plan with fire in the name of Jesus Christ!

2. Father, let nothing separate me and my spouse this year. Give us the grace to be together all through this year again.

3. Let my husband or wife never be tired of me oh lord. Let our affection for each other increase each day by your spirit.

4. No woman will take over my husband from me.We shall be together till the end Oh gracious father. Our love shall not be broken, we shall cleave to each other.

5. Give us the wisdom and patience to handle crisis or challenges, so the devil will not have entry points to scatter our relationship.2015 we destroy the yoke of divorce on our way in Jesus name we pray!

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