Daily Fire: You Shall See God’s Wonders ~ Pastor Paul & Faith Joshua | 5/1/15

Date: Monday, 5th Jan. 2015 

Our Text: Mal.1:5 

“Your eyes shall see, and say The Lord is magnified beyond the borders of Israel.”

Our Focus: You Shall See God’s Wonders

2015 is a year for your eyes to see the wonders of God. You shall experience mighty flood of grace, He shall lift you to a remarkable height. He shall change your name to Miracle, for He shall do amazing things with you.

You shall build empire of wealth this year! You shall cross the borders of limitation. You shall have great business. You shall tour nations of the world to bless lives. Your light will shine greatly across countries. You shall emerge victorious in all battles!

His glory will defend you, evil will not touch you. You shall rule over your enemies! You shall break the yoke of hardship in your family. You shall give great joy to your family. Many shall be comforted under your shadow this year. The Lord will reward you above your expectation. Its your year of MARVELOUS TESTIMONIES!

Prayer the prayers below:

5 Prayer Point For Today

1. Perform your wonders in my life this year. Let me be a testimony of miracle this year to many.

2. Do what will make me last in your love greatly this year oh Lord!

3. Let the river of mighty favour flow towards my life this year, so I can be flooded with great fishes (blessings) from the Lord.

4. Let my going out and my coming in 2015 be under the guard of your Angels, the enemies will not succeed in attacking me because of the volume of success I will command!

5. Let me never tread the path of blunders, so I will not be an object of ridicule this year. Help me to protect your glory and grace in your life.

(Thank Him for answering your prayers as you continue tomorrow)

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