Daily Fire: The Kingdom Of God ~ Pastor Paul & Faith Joshua | 21/12/14

Date: Sun.21st Dec.2014

Text: Matt 5: 3 “Blessed are the poor in spirit, for theirs is the kingdom of heaven”.

Our Focus: The Kingdom Of God

Have you heard about the kingdom of God? Yes I believe in one way or the other you must have heard about the kingdom of God. To every Christian on the face of the earth, the kingdom of God is where we should aim as our final destination there is life after death (Kingdom) for genuine Christian, Do you live as if you will not die again? IF YOU ARE THE TYPE that loves the things of this world than God, then the kingdom is far away from you.
 Some people love money, money is their God, they can die for money. Others love women they can die pursuing a woman, then women is their God. Whatever you love most becomes your God. If you love God most then God is your God. How much you love God will determine if you will enter His kingdom. Do everything possible to possess the love of God, so you can secure His kingdom. Everything in this world is vanity upon vanity, they will all vanish, so stop loving the “shadow” invest your love and time to things that will secure the kingdom of heaven for you.

Wisdom Lime: { whatever you love most becomes your God}

Prayer: Father, from today helps me to love you more than everything in this world. Fill me with your love, help me to secure the kingdom of heaven. 

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