To The Only God, With A United Voice

What is '1G1V'? I have been seeing it everywhere. What does it mean? This was Tonye thinking aloud: why is there so much excitement? It’s a wild crowd? What are they doing? They are so crazy about it. And THREE of her friends answered almost at the same time: Don’t tell me you don’t know about it? Where have you been?  There have been eight previous editions, mightily exciting. A lot of energy and excitement packed into one night but most of all, there is God at the center of it all.

Well, it doesn’t need any more introductions. But this year, it’s Loud and loaded, bigger than ever, a gathering of many souls, but all united in one voice to the only true God. Now it’s back and better – the coming together of God chasers, passionate about praise, JOINING the angels and leading change in the land by bringing heaven and earth together. It is “The Experience Lagos 2015.” A night of praise, prayer and the word. Live music like you never heard it before. It is happening on the Friday, fifth of December, 2014 (05-12-2014). 

Brace yourself!


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