Get Off Twitter And Draw Closer To God – Benita Okojie

Gospel artiste Benita Okojie, who began her foray into music at the tender age of 12, is now fully grown into a beautiful 25 year old.

Peradventure you have been wondering what she has been up to, worry no more “I’ve been doing stuff. Writing songs, back in the studio and yes working on releasing more songs and working on youth oriented content. They’ll be released soon by the grace of God.” she exclusively tells us.

Recounting how growing up as a child star was like, the Graduate of English said “It was fun, very normal. I played with the children in my neighbourhood, went to school and played with sand like a typical Naija child until I turned 10 and released Osemudiamen in the Child of God 1 album. A lot changed. I was noticed everywhere I went and it took a while to get used to all that attention as a child, I started getting invites to sing at events, I was also travelling a lot and meeting people. I never imagined I would meet but thank God for my parents and siblings. They were and still are a huge support and source of encouragement for me. Oh and I still did my chores at home o!”

That unforgettable childhood experience that makes her giggle or shiver when she reflects “The first time I was mobbed after an event. I was out with my dad and people were running after the car and screaming my name. I was terrified! I didn’t know why they surrounded our vehicle and were making faces through the window. I remember crying and asking my dad why they were running after us. “

What inspired her recently released hit track ‘JESU N’ABBA “Jesu n’Abba is actually a song we take during morning devotion at home dating as far back as the cosy inside of my grandfather’s house far away in Uromi, Edo state. Jesu n’Abba means ‘Jesus my Father, it is dawn, please protect me in your mercies today/tonight’.

The erratic security situation in Nigeria and the world inspired the song. It got to a point where mothers would go to bed without an idea where their sons/daughters were and reports like this made my heart ache terribly.

And when your heart aches and you go on twitter to express how you feel but still see breaking news of one abduction, killing, etc somewhere in the world, you realize that there’s a lot to be grateful to God for and your intercession should go beyond 140 characters or less. Stop tweeting and start talking to The One who has supreme control of the events of the world.

The song is a heartfelt request to God for divine protection as the world grapples with the most insecure it has ever been in eons.”

Giving an insight on the challenges Gospel artistes face in the Nigerian music industry “Truth be told, Gospel artistes face a number of challenges but funding and promotion are the major issues. I know several talented gospel artistes who are truly gifted but don’t have the platform and what’s more, corporate organizations that pay well do not invite them for events and Christians who organize events do not even pay well. The broadcast media also do not support with airplay even after working with the best producers and releasing the best videos. It’s almost like, “look there is no time for your message”.

On the highpoint of her career “Essentially, the highest point is when souls are won for Jesus Christ through my songs. That gives me great joy! And I trust that there will be higher points in my career, moving forward! You can also add being invited to Aso rock to minister more than once and winning the theme song of the 8th All African Games (COJA) and being the only artiste to ever perform at the opening and closing ceremonies of a FIFA sporting event.

On featuring other artistes in her tracks, “Lagbaja featured me years back on his album and so have a couple of upcoming artistes. However, I am yet to feature any artist on any of my albums. You will hear them when the time is right by the grace of God.”

Gospel artistes she would love to work with “Hmmm… They are quite a number o. Are you sure you have the time? (LOL) Oh well to mention a few Cece winans definitely! Mali music, Marvin Sapp, Kim Burrell, Lauryn Hill, Vashawn Mitchell, Lecrae. The list is endless o”

What else she does apart from music, ‘’I talk to young people. Inspire them to make a positive change wherever they find themselves. It’s been amazing because I get invites to come and motivate young people with the little experience that I have and it’s been a fulfilling experience for me. Knowing that I can share my journey with people so they too know that they can achieve anything of course with God’s help, hard work and determination.”

Joining the Nigerian politics “Hahaha… hmm… I don’t know o! Never say never. (LOL). I can only speak for now. Only God knows tomorrow. For now, No.

On attending social events “I actually attend social events, I’m just very careful about the ones I attend. But recently, I am attending more, not restricting myself to musical shows and the likes. I attend product launches, award shows, stage plays, etc. Ideally, if you invite me for an event, I will attend as long as I’m in town. (WIDE GRIN)

On bleaching “You know it’s funny that people think I am bleaching because someone still mentioned it on social media a few days back. The truth is I have always been fair. I’ve never bleached. I don’t know why people think otherwise. Google my childhood pictures and sees for yourself.

To the ladies who bleach: Ladies please be comfortable in your skin. God did not create a mistake in you. You are fearfully and wonderfully made. Don’t settle for bleaching cream. It will damage your skin eventually. Be confident, bold and rock that beautiful skin God has given to you. Black, white or tan.

Her marriage: This marriage talk. Na wa o! I will get married at the right time by God`s grace and when that time comes Ynaija will get an invite. I believe that one can celebrate one’s wedding however one chooses to celebrate it. It’s a day of joy and for a lot of people the happiest day of their lives. As long as one is happy with the decision and has the money to do it anywhere in the world, it’s fine. However I also believe in moderacy and prudent spending. Spend wisely and there are many beautiful places in Nigeria where one can have a beautiful wedding ceremony. But eventually, it’s your choice.

Her take on Nigerians/celebrities who love to flaunt their wealth on social media “I believe if the motive is right and the message is clear, then we won`t have a problem. If you are trying to tell people how blessed you feel and are grateful for it and want to use it as an avenue to encourage people that they can achieve the same, then its fine. But when it is not clear and it`s done in excess, it is of no use. Social media is a global stage now. Caution is the key word though. People are watching, so be cautious.

What fans should expect as 2014 ends “Every good thing by the special grace of God. I am trusting God for the best. They should just pray along with me.”

Where she sees herself in the next 10 years “Hmmm…Only God knows that for sure. He`s got the whole world in His hands. By then I will be right where God wants me to be.”


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  1. After booking our wedding for October 2013, the manager of this place worked endlessly to ensure that we have the wedding of our dreams.

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