Music: I Love You Lord - Gracey

Some things they say come to people naturally, music has been a saving grace and the most permanent source of joy to me.

Some people find comfort in books, others in talking but I found mine in singing and writing music. At first, when my parents sent me into the choir at age 8,I felt I was too young around the other people.

But as I grew older and years rolled by, I started to find solace in singing, listening to music and subsequently pouring out my feelings and experiences through music.

I went on to produce some of these songs and some l passed down to people who have one way or the other utilised the materials.

And this finally brought me here...."Made for this": came as a passion that rose when I came across  the quote..."the graveyard is the richest place on earth". l am not saying I'm going to die, but I need to be heard, I need these songs to touch lives, change lives and most of all express my gratitude to God for taking me through every battle I've fought in life and still giving me the strength to carry on.

"Made for this" is the beginning of this wonderful story of my life, hopefully, there'll be more to come. Hope it inspires everyone who comes in contact with this chapter of my life.....


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