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 Consistent pursuit is the proof of Purpose and this saying has again been justified by one of the finest Singers that Nigeria and the world is gradually getting blessed by. His first single RAISE YOU HIGH rocks your body in praises to God, his second; AS IT IS IN HEAVEN is a stronger statement that he is a true Singer of the Gospel and to boost the truth that he is also versatile, here is a Hip-Hop song that keeps you stomping in praises to God. It is titled “UYOYO”.

According to him,
“UYOYO” in the Isoko dialect means “LOVE” and it is the LOVE for God that propels us both to acknowledge His sovereignty and praise Him in that capacity. For this to be true, I encourage everyone to first listen to the lyrics of this song, digest the meaning, then stomp in praises”.

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Young people, make we stand up Oh
In love praise God
Yesu, nagode, cause you too much
And we’ve come today to show you love
Agbadagburu, Obenutaporuru {Isoko dialect}
Ife yin po, ani Baba Oh, aferan yin na {Yoruba dialect}
Mmamma mmamma {Ibo dialect}
For your Ifunanya
We praise you now
In Uyoyo oh oh oh oh oh
Uyoyo oh, oh oh oh!

It is time young people,
Put aside the ego let us go
To the house of God
So we as one body make Jesus to know
That His love for us
To the world we will show
And the praise He’s made us to show forth
We’ll very well handle
We’ll never do contrary
To what we’ve been made, oh NO
In the love of God we’ll daily grow
That’s the seed that I have sown

At work or in leisure
I will give God pleasure
And in love
I will humbly make sure
Everyone I see gives Jesus honour
Because He has done for me so very much
So much He Has given me
Of all that I’ve prayed for
And if He chooses to do no more
Be it great or small
I’ll still sing like they do in Zion

I am of JUDAH,
Praising God in Uyoyo
If you are from my area,
Bosagbo ba mi jo {Yoruba dialect}

Oya do your dance, show Papa
Ifunanya, make you no waste time
Mazamaza, gbera ko o jo. Young people
Emujo jo to show god UYOYO


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  1. WOW! Fortune is a bad Guy! Good I mean! This song stands any secular any day, yet it glorifies God. Kudos, Fortune. Hoping for more

  2. Thumbs UP 2 this guy! Uyoyo is banger and am excited the lyrics still RETAINS Kingdom like Fortune sang in his ealier song "as it is in heaven". Can't wait for the video and I also advice he sends a proposal †o Rocktown Records if he is not signed yet.
    Chris Suswam,
    Benin City, Nigeria

  3. #DOPE beat!!! Uyoyo O! Uyoyo O! Ehehehheeheeeee! Where did Ebel got this from? Such a Calm guy now going gaga!

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