"When Everything Fails, Try Mathematics" - Pastor E.A Adeboye

Pastor Adeboye with faculty members, department of mathematics, University of Lagos. “Mathematics is the science of life and this p...

Pastor Adeboye with faculty members, department of mathematics, University of Lagos.

“Mathematics is the science of life and this principle has helped me in my marriage of over 47 years” - Adeboye

Equation1:   Love is Blind
Equation2: Marriage is a special miracle worker with an anointing for opening eyes Genesis29:24-25 (Leah & Rachel) When you solve these two equations properly you'll see that while love is blind, marriage has the anointing to open the eyes. 

When your wife adds too much pepper in your soup, instead of shouting and yelling at her just say “my mathematics teacher taught us that the amount of pepper in the soup should be inversely proportional to the temperature in the city” and she will get the message LOL!

Equation3: Angels don't eat jollof rice Judges 6:11-16
Equation4: Angels don't marry  Matthew 22:30
The fact that you're married to her at all means you're  not an angel and your wife is not an angel even though she might have dressed like an angel on your wedding day, she is definitely NOT an angel. 

When everything fails in life for you, try mathematics! Yes mathematics! This is because mathematics is the science of living. One way to know is the bible in John 9:5 says; “Jesus is the light of the world” and Mathematics shows us light travels at the speed of 297,600,000 km/secs therefore it means to say if Jesus is the light of the world and you invite him into your life your least progress rate will be at the speed of light.

My mathematics professor once gave me an assignment to do which was naturally beyond me. Upon his arrival, he discovered I had finished it he asked who helped me because I didn’t want to tell him it was Jesus I said Prof Emmanuel (he then said which department is he?) I in turn said ‘department of original science’ he said ‘so we have that department in this school?’ it wasn’t long before he figured I was talking about Jesus and because there’s a thin line between a genius and a mad man he didn’t bother arguing with me any further.

I want to implore you today if you’ve not accepted Jesus into your life to please decide and do so today and your progress will be as the speed of light.
                                                                                                               - Courtesy, @PastorEAAdeboye

Pastor Adeboye was at the University of Lagos, department of mathematics on thursday 19th february 2015 for the first ever inaugural lecture in his honour where he also donated 50 million naira. History has it that he was the first ever MSc student in the department in 1972. A one time academic himself, this is not the first time he will be making such contribution towards the attainment of a world-class education sector.