Warning Dream ~ Pastor Paul & Faith Joshua | 1/2/15

Sun  1st Feb; 2015 Our Text: Matt 2:12 “The being divinely warned in a dream saying that they should not return to Herod, t...

Sun 1st Feb; 2015

Our Text: Matt 2:12

“The being divinely warned in a dream saying that they should not return to Herod, they departed for their own country another way."

Our Focus: Warning Dream    

 Anytime you are planning to carry out certain project or plan to travel and you dream a negative dream, you need to be careful it could be a warning dream. If you are about taking a step and you constantly have negative dream, then don’t act in a rush. Hold on for a while and pray to be sure you are not disregarding a warning from the Lord. I remember a man shared an account of series of dream he had about a journey. His wife was to travel for her brother’s wedding. While preparing for the trip he had negative dream, coincidently the woman had similar dream. They continued their preparation for the trip. That same night again they had similar horrible dream. They prayed in their little way. The day for the trip came and the woman proceeded to the motor station to embark on the journey. While there she realized she forgot something at home. She rushed home to pick those things. On getting home she met her husband, he exclaimed what happened!  She said, honey I forgot some items and suddenly she said also, honey I suddenly felt reluctant about this trip but I just have to go. So she left, an hour after they took off their vehicle crashed and she died on the spot.
That was when it dawned on the husband the negative dream has been a warning but they did not bother much. You know what, the man himself had an accident within the town and had several fracture on both legs. While he came for spiritual help during a counseling session, he shared this story with me. This is an important lesson, God can warn you through dream like he did to Joseph. If you obey it will be to your safety. Not all dreams are from God but learn to pray about all dream, so God can be on your side. Learn to seek help from your spiritual leaders if confused about any dream. I declare in the name of Jesus, no evil will before you.

Warning dreams are dream that go against your plans seek further guidance from your spiritual leader for safety reason (if you can’t handle it )

Prayer: Father ,help me to understand when you are warning me not to embark on a trip or project for the safety of my life. Don’t let the enemy get me, due to my carelessness.