God Will Move You Out Of Trouble ~ Pastor Paul & Faith Joshua | 3/2/15

Date: Tues 3rd Feb; 2015  Our Text:  Matt 2:14 “When he arose, he took the child and the mother by night and departed for Egyp...

Date: Tues 3rd Feb; 2015 

Our Text: Matt 2:14

“When he arose, he took the child and the mother by night and departed for Egypt.”

Our Focus: God Will Move You Out Of Trouble

I remember moving my family out of an area because of the insecurity I perceived. As a father of the house I got another safer place and relocated my family there. I have a duty to protect my wife and children from danger. This is one of my top most duties as a father of the house.A father who cannot ensure the security of his family is not worthy to be a father.

This is how God is to us. He is our heavenly father, He has a responsibility to ensure our security.So He will move you from threatening zone to where you can be safe. God commanded Joseph to move Mary and the child out to Egypt for their safety. I speak to someone today; God will move you to your place of safety. 

Don’t object to transfer when it comes, it can be a divine arrangement to take you out of evil.God can use some situation to change your location for safety purpose.When you are asked to move to another location, don’t outrightly object, it can be God’s plan to protect you.  The relocation process may not be palatable, but it can be for your safety.

It is better for God to inconvenient you and you are safe,than for Him to learn you die untimely in the hands of enemies. So learn to appreciate Him when there is transfer, it can produced blessing of safety. Someone will be transferred today or this month. Kindly accept it with great joy.God arrange it to rescue your family from impending disaster. He loves you thank Him for in all things there’s a blessing.

Divine relocation is a mysterious tool for protection and promotion for God’s children.

Our prayer: Father, move me to where the enemies will not succeed over me, take me to where my life will last long irrespective of the inconvenience I will be grateful. Thank you Lord in Jesus Christ name.