3 Kinds Of Baptism Necessary For A Believer ~ Pastor Paul & Faith Joshua | 22/2/15

Date: Sun 22nd Feb; 2015 Our Text: Matt 3:11. “I indeed baptized you with water into repentance but He who is coming before me...

Date: Sun 22nd Feb; 2015

Our Text: Matt 3:11.

“I indeed baptized you with water into repentance but He who is coming before me is mightier than I, whose sandals I am not worthy to carry. He will baptize you with the Holy Ghost and fire.”

Our Focus: 3 Kinds Of Baptism Necessary For A Believer

Hello my friend, how are you doing today? Let me share one of the important pillars of Christianity. This has to do with baptism. Baptism is a major requirement for all believers who want to make it to heaven. Without it you can never enter the kingdom of heaven. It is a condition we must fulfill to secure our identity card for heaven. Let me share the 3 baptism you must obtain to secure assurance of reigning with Christ.

(1) Baptism of water:This is very vital. It is the first baptism that qualifies you to be the child of God. It is a process where you decided to denounce the lifestyle of sinful nature and choose to embrace new life for righteousness. It is a moment you make up your mind, you don’t want to live any more for satan. You want to be a child of God. Then you seek a prophet, a genuine man of God or believer for baptism.You will be taken to a river where you will make a confession of renouncement of sin and embracing righteousness. This you must do with sincerity of heart not just as religious rites. It must be from your heart. Then you are immersed and raised up from the water. This symbolize you are dead to sin and raise to a new life of righteousness in Christ. Then you are accepted to Gods kingdom as a son (believer). Then you are expected to live a new life,different from that of sinful nature. Now, you should no more be comfortable with sin. Your consciousness must be to do what is right in God’s eyes. If your life did not change after the baptism, you deceive yourself. Baptism that does not produced change of life is simply a religious rite (exercise in futility)

(2) Baptism of the Holy Spirit: At the baptism of the water, if you are with the genuine prophet,the Holy Spirit will also descend on you. It comes once you sincerely accept Jesus to your life. It comes to possess your life. It begins to control your life. It tells you what to do and when not to do. Baptism of the Holy Spirit is very vital for every believer. It rest on you on decision to live for God. The duties of the Holy Spirit is to teach you things that are right.
-To convict you when you are doing wrong things
-To strengthen you in weak moments
-To comfort you in trouble times 
-To reveals mysteries of God you.
As a believer baptism of the Holy Spirit help to build your faith walk with God. Baptism of water without that of the Holy Spirit will not be effective. It is the baptism of the Holy Spirit that helps and leads you to continue following God. He speaks to your conscience as through it’s your voice. He speaks calmly and tells you to do good and the right thing. He will make you restless when you do wrong things. If you have this experience then you are baptize with the Holy Spirit.

(3) Baptism of fire: This is another vital baptism. It is also called baptism of power. Having the power of God residing within you to do exploit for God. Baptism of power makes you powerful. Believer that can deal with the devil at any time. Once you have baptism of the Holy Spirit which makes you live a holy life,then overtime the baptism of fire rest on you. That is when you begin to demonstrate the grace of God on you built overtime. Baptism of fire makes you powerful in God
-It builds perseverance.
-It gives positive view and utterance in God
-It makes you conquer sin 
-It makes you go through hard times for Christ without compromised 
-It deck you with grace and sign s and wonders (doing supernatural things)
When you have the baptism of fire your words are not ordinary, it creates effect on your listeners.
Let me say this, baptism of fire comes over the years of your walk with the Holy Spirit. You can’t get the baptism of fire until you have followed the Holy Spirit,you have been obedient to the holy spirit consistently. This baptism is what help you fight and overcome all demonic forces, without it you will fail, faint in battle with the evil spirit.  For you to make through to heaven,baptism of fire must be on you so you can resist the devil with it from time to time. The more holy you are, the more fire you carry in God!

In summary:    Baptism of water- prepares you for God,
Baptism of Holy Spirit- purifies you for him while
Baptism of Fire- empowers you for Him
Are you baptized? If not its necessary, get to your pastor and he will guide you further.
(Other text for your guide: Matt  28:19 -20, Mark 16:16, Act 2:28, Act 8:35-38,Roman 6:3-6)

Prayer:  Father, thank you for enlightening me on this major pillar of my journey with you. Help me to partake of all these 3 baptism me so I can be effective and efficient for your kingdom.

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